Following is a description of the Pixelstomp Galleries webpage.

A menu on the left side of the page lists the types of galleries available to view. These are probably sorted by medium, such as: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photomanipulation, and Other (which will be a sort of mixed media category)

Clicking on these menu items expands them, allowing the user to select from a series of themes for each category. These themes are rigorously well-defined and explicitly-stated, not needing to be described here.

Clicking on a theme navigates the central frame to the desired category, where the relevant items will be displayed. The visually-stunning and fascinating content lures visitors into clicking on every item; it is a compulsion, they are unable to look away.

Highly satisfied, the user can easily find the contact info of the website owner (WEBMASTER, that's a cooler word) at the bottom of the screen, where they engage in correspondence and regale the site's curator with tales of their Online Website Experience™.